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Metformin is used for treating type 2 diabetes.

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Where can i buy metformin from ? I don't see many places selling it so if you do know then I would be happy to buy it. Where can i go for other health supplements? You have to ask the drug stores or health food what they sell. Where is metformin legal for people with diabetes? Metformin is allowed for people with type 1 diabetics. Also you may be able to ask the pharmacist write you a prescription for metformin, but it's more expensive than you expect. How can I purchase it? There is currently only one pharmacy that sells it, but the pharmacies where can i buy metformin tablets that sell it usually have some other things that you can't get elsewhere (so not all pharmacies sell metformin of the time). Is metformin safe? Yes, metformin is very safe and effective. What other health problems is metformin used to treat? The best and most common side effects of metformin are: Nausea and other GI effects Anemia Muscle cramps Bladder and prostate problems Metformin may also reduce the risk of heart attacks Can I take metformin without being on insulin? Yes. The recommended dose of metformin for those with type 1 diabetes is 0.3 mg/kg/day. The recommended dose for everyone else is 5 mg/day. People with type 2 where to buy metformin in uk diabetes are considered in an intermediate group and therefore they may need at different rates. For most people that's around 3 to 4 mg/day. If you have type 1 diabetes this is the exact same dose. For many people metformin should reduce their blood glucose by 3-5 mg/dl. The problem with that though is a lot of people are on metformin for Type 2 diabetes which means they have a higher requirement to keep their insulin levels low. Can I take metformin at the same time as insulin? Not always. The recommended dose of metformin for people with type 1 diabetes is 0.3 mg/kg/day. The recommended dose for everyone else is 5 mg/day. People with type 2 diabetes are considered in an intermediate group coupon code northwest pharmacy canada and therefore they may need at different rates. If you are using metformin with insulin, don't take a higher dose than usual (eg a 10-100 mg dose) because metformin lowers the insulin buy generic metformin online requirement. You can reduce the rate of metformin absorption if you take after a meal with the insulin. It's a good idea to take meal before starting metformin with the insulin or if you're using a pump. Will I need to change my dosage when taking metformin together with insulin? Probably. But metformin doesn't really reduce absorption as well a higher dose of insulin.

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